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But I can’t find a job

Do you have a job yet? Not yet I’m still looking. Oh, maybe you should get off your butt and apply at Walmart.

Walmart’s IS hiring!  With the ongoing worker shortage in the retail industry, partly triggered by the pandemic, many companies are struggling to retain and hire more workers.

Yeah but Walmart doesn’t pay much. Oh ok….Walmart boosted employees’ pay to $16.40 an hour and up to $30 an hour “in select roles.” Yeah I don’t wanna work at Walmart. Well maybe you might want to check into Target. They recently announced a starting wage for some positions at $24/hour.

IF you could make money playing video games, sleeping until noon and eating all your Moms food that would be great. I’d sign up right now. In reality however, no one will pay you to sit on your butt.


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