Bryan Health Not Accepting COVID Patient Transfers From Hospitals Across The Country

(KFOR NEWS  August 4, 2021)  Bryan Medical Center is not accepting requests from hospitals in other parts of the country asking that COVID patients be transferred because they’ve reached capacity.

KFOR NEWS heard that an Oklahoma City hospital had contacted Bryan asking that COVID patients be allowed to transfer to Lincoln.  KFOR NEWS contacted a spokesperson at Bryan and received the following repsonse:

Yes, we have received calls inquiring about the transfer of COVID-19 patients to Bryan Health from hospitals in several different states. Regrettably and unfortunately, we could not accept the transfers at this time.

The reason is there is no excess bed capacity at Bryan Medical Center. Bryan Medical Center is running at full capacity with an average of 541 patients occupying a bed each day for the past week. This includes both an escalating number of COVID-19 patients and non-COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 patients typically consume more hospital resources for a much prolonged period of time compared to most other hospitalized patients.

We are imploring everyone in Nebraska to get vaccinated and practice other non-pharmaceutical interventions where appropriate. It is vitally important to diminish the risk to families, communities and individuals across the state. It is taking on greater urgency as the virus is attacking predominantly unvaccinated people, some who cannot yet receive the vaccine because of their age.  The vaccine is safe, effective, free and widely available.

As we watch surges in hospitalizations in state’s south of Nebraska, we are very concerned with the escalating COVID-19 numbers in Nebraska and our Medical Centers. We truly do not want to enact decisions and processes that we were forced to over the past 18 months that impact all patients and their families. However, we are preparing to do so. The fate is in the hands of Nebraskans and their willingness to be part of the solution. Please get vaccinated as soon as you can.

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