Bring Me the Horizon teases new music in a new video recapping the band’s recent European tour.

In between live and backstage footage and interviews with fans, we get a brief look at Oli Sykes and company working on fresh material, including one song with the lyric “Stupid medicine/ not doing anything.”

The video also features Bring Me the Horizon meeting Rammstein‘s Till Lindemann while in Germany.

“Our ’23 European tour kicked off in Germany,” the description reads. “We met [Lindemann] in Berlin and he gave us booze. Continued work on a new song. Excited to be back on the road.”

You can watch the recap streaming now on YouTube.

Bring Me the Horizon’s most recent release is the 2022 single “sTraNgeRs.”

This summer, Bring Me the Horizon will be touring the U.S. on select dates of Fall Out Boy‘s tour.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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