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BMTH’s Amo *Rant Alert*

Amo is finally here, BUT the physical copies are flipping sold out EVERYWHERE in Lincoln!

Now now I know what you’re thinking… “Oli just listen to the album on Spotify or order it off of Amazon if you can’t find it in store”. My answer to that is HELLLLLLLL NOOOOOO.

I am an old soul in the fact that I want to go to a store and physically buy an album. It’s fun and I like it. The end. Much to my dismay I spent all of my lunch bouncing from many big name stores and also to CD Warehouse to find Sparky and I two copies, but everywhere I went I got the same reply. “Sorry we are sold out, but we can save you a couple when we get more.” FRICK.

Although that was a bummer I did, in fact, jump on to Spotify to listen to the album 418 times. I can’t begin to explain how surprised I was by this album. It is such a different sound for Bring Me The Horizon, but honestly, after a few times of listening to it, I’m into it. I love the story the album tells and although there are a few tracks I’m not into the album as a whole is a new and interesting direction for the band. Not that anyone needs my approval, but I’ll be belting Mother Tongue for the next month straight.

– Oli xx

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