Black Stone Cherry has shared a statement confirming that they’re OK after safely exiting a Kansas mall during a shooting.

According to ABC affiliate KMBC, the shooting took place on Sunday, November 12, at the Oak Park Mall outside of Kansas City. Two people are in custody, and no injuries were reported.

In a Facebook post that went up Sunday, Black Stone Cherry writes, “We are feeling incredibly extra THANKFUL and BLESSED tonight.”

“Our days off are always usually at a mall to decompress, walk, and check out the stores,” the post reads. “Today was different.”

“One minute you’re looking around a shop, the next you hear screaming, chaos, and what sounded like a stampede,” BSC continues. “There had been shots fired inside. People were running everywhere and you could hear and see panic on every innocent face. It was truly terrifying.”

While most of the band made it out and returned to their touring bus, drummer John Fred Young was stuck in a store that went into lockdown.

“We texted with JF back n fourth giving updates,” BSC explains. “Thankfully, the local PD did a great job and apprehended two suspects and thankfully, nobody was hurt.”

“This was the first time our group had been in a situation like this while on the road, doing something we do every single day off,” the band adds. “We embraced each other multiple times after this experience. If you’ve been involved in something similar, we completely sympathize with you.”

Black Stone Cherry is currently on tour supporting their new album, Screamin’ at the Sky.

“The rest of this tour will be even more special and even more thankful to be able to play,” BSC says.

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