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Black Hills Energy Upgrading Natural Gas System In Lincoln Neighborhoods

LINCOLN, Neb. – (March 26, 2021)– Black Hills Energy has begun an on-going construction project to upgrade the natural gas service in several Lincoln neighborhoods.  Work is currently going on in the Country Club and Near South neighborhoods, and will move next to Irvingdale.

 The extent of the work includes replacing service lines and relocating meters that are inside homes and businesses to outside the structure. At one time, it was a common practice to locate a natural gas meter inside a home or business, usually in the basement, because it needed to be protected from the elements to ensure an accurate reading. As technology has advanced, setting meters outside of a structure has become the industry standard. Relocating meters allows Black Hills Energy and first responders quicker and safer access to the meter in case of an emergency. It also alleviates future interruptions to gas service during routine maintenance.

 “This upgrade will allow Black Hills Energy to meet our customers’ current and future energy needs and maintain our industry-leading reliability far into the future,” said Andy Storf, senior operations manager for Black Hills Energy. “We understand updating natural gas service can impact our neighbors’ lives and businesses and we will work to minimize disruptions and restore our work area to its original state.” 

 During the upgrade, affected customers will be without natural gas for a short time. Customers will be notified by Black Hills Energy’s contractor, Infrasource, prior to any work being done and should expect to have natural gas service restored the same day. Scheduled work will require the contractor to access the homes or businesses at an arranged time to relocate the meter, perform a safety inspection and relight pilot lights when work is completed. Infrasource employees will have identification, branded hard hats and vehicles.

 According to Black ills, there will be excavation in the location where the gas service enters the residence as well as some excavation where the service line connects to the gas main. This is typically out by the street or alley. The contractor will have a restoration crew following behind them to restore any excavation areas including landscaping or paving.

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