LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 11)–A bill aimed at getting $10-million in state funding to go toward scholarships to private schools is on to the final round of debate next week.

LB 1402 from Elkhorn Senator Lou Ann Linehan would be a back up to a similar bill passed a year ago that’s up for voted to decide to repeal it at the voting booth in November.

“Should every child regardless of their zip code, regardless of their family income, be able to choose the best educational option for that family?” Linehan said. “Overwhelmingly, people say yes.”

Opponents say the bill is unconstitutional because is sets aside state money for private education.

“Sen. Lou Ann Linehan and her out-of-state billionaires want to deny Nebraskans’ right to vote on this issue by pushing yet another voucher bill that would drain funds from our public schools by giving public funds to private schools that can discriminate against kids and are not held to the same financial and other accountability standards as public schools,” Jenni Benson, president of the Nebraska State Education Association, said to KFOR’s media partner, 10/11 News.

Next Thursday will mark the final day of this session, where senators will vote on a handful of bills. Senators say its still an open question whether Governor Jim Pillen will call a special session on property tax relief.

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