LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Oct. 5)–The Big Ten Conference announced on Thursday the football opponents for the 2024 through 2028 seasons. The Big Ten will maintain a nine-game conference schedule with the expansion of the conference to 18 schools beginning with the 2024 season.

Nebraska will continue to play Iowa each year in the new scheduling cycle, with the Heroes Game one of 12 protected annual matchups across the conference.  The Big Ten’s scheduling model also ensures that all 18 schools play each conference opponent at least twice—one home and one away—in the five-year period. Nebraska faces eight teams twice in the five-year cycle and eight opponents three times in addition to the annual matchups with Iowa.

In the first season of the five-year schedule in 2024, Nebraska will play host to Illinois, Rutgers, UCLA and Wisconsin in Big Ten home games, while traveling to Indiana, Iowa, Ohio State, Purdue and USC.  The game dates for the 2024 Big Ten Conference schedule are expected to be announced later this fall.

Below is the yearly breakdown of Nebraska’s Big Ten opponents from 2024 to 2028, and a listing of how many times Nebraska faces each Big Ten school between 2024 and 2028.


Future Nebraska Big Ten Opponents


Home: Illinois, Rutgers, UCLA, Wisconsin

Away: Indiana, Iowa, Ohio State, Purdue, USC


Home: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, USC

Away: Maryland, Minnesota, Penn State, UCLA


Home: Indiana, Maryland, Ohio State, Washington

Away: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Oregon, Rutgers


Home: Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, Purdue, Rutgers

Away: Northwestern, Ohio State, Washington, Wisconsin


Home: Northwestern, Penn State, UCLA, Wisconsin

Away: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Purdue, USC

Breakdown of Nebraska Big Ten Opponents, 2024-28

Illinois—2 (1 Home, 1 Away)

Indiana—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Iowa—5 (2 H, 3 A)

Maryland—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Michigan—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Michigan State—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Minnesota—3 (1 H, 2 A)

Northwestern—3 (2 H, 1 A)

Ohio State—3 (1 H, 2 A)

Oregon—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Penn State—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Purdue—3 (1 H, 2 A)

Rutgers—3 (2 H, 1 A)

UCLA—3 (2 H, 1 A)
USC—3 (1 H, 2 A)

Washington—2 (1 H, 1 A)

Wisconsin—3 (2 H, 1 A)

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