Avatar is putting a Halloween twist on their latest album, Dance Devil Dance.

The Swedish metallers have announced a new vinyl version of the record filled with red liquid, which, of course, makes it look like it’s filled with blood.

“Your first birth was on the house those are the cards you’re forced to play,” says vocalist Johannes Eckerström. “Until today. You can be reborn every single night. Evolve. We feed your ear through an umbilical cord. We are the placenta. Your mind rests inside a soft womb of sound. Then, there is light. Escape. Open your eyes. This is the first night of the rest of your life. We are still in you.”

If that means anything to you, you can preorder your “blood-filled” copy of Dance Devil Dance now, but only if you’re a member of the Avatar Country fan club. Any pieces still remaining will go on sale Friday, November 3.

Dance Devil Dance was released in February and includes the single “The Dirt I’m Buried In.”

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