The ever-unpredictable TikTok has resurrected the Hinder song “Lips of an Angel,” with users reimagining the 2000s rock hit by adding a female perspective to the lyrics. The track’s resurgence inspired ex-Hinder frontman Austin John Winkler to put a new spin on “Lips of an Angel” himself.

“I thought that it would be a really cool thing to actually really go in and lay to down a female perspective to tie the whole story in together,” Winkler tells ABC Audio.

To do that, Winkler teamed up with country artist Shaylen, who sings a new verse on “Lips of an Angel” as the woman with whom the song’s protagonist is on the phone. Winkler feels that Shaylen’s verse and all the TikTok videos bring out an aspect of “Lips of an Angel” he believed was always there in some form.

“It’s more of a love song than it is a cheating song,” Winkler says. “And I can tell you that, because I wrote it.”

“I think having [women] wanting to have their side of the story kinda be told was kinda solidification that the song’s for everybody,” he adds. “It’s not just kinda a one-sided thing.”

The updated “Lips of an Angel” comes with a new video, which, among other things, replaces the very prominent landline in the original clip with a cellphone. Though even the concept of using a phone to actually call people might seem like ancient technology to the younger generation, Winkler feels the idea still translates. Besides, the lyric, “Honey why you texting me so late?” doesn’t have quite the same, ahem, ring to it.

“If you really feel that way about the person, you’re gonna give them a shout,” Winkler says. “You’re gonna wanna hear the voice.”

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