Atreyu‘s EP series continues with The Moment You Find Your Flame.

The latest four-track collection follows April’s The Hope of a Spark, and together, they reflect a story that frontman Brandon Saller feels is a universal human experience.

“You may find yourself at an absolute low, sort of like what you might consider zero,” Saller tells ABC Audio. “You don’t know what’s next, you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, and the only direction is forward and upward to figure that out.”

With The Moment You Find Your Flame, Atreyu takes the first steps toward that direction forward.

“The first [EP] was dealing with a lot of fears and worries and, ‘Can I do it? Are we good enough?’” says bassist Porter McKnight. “This one is like, there’s a little bit of a glimmer. There’s a little bit of, you’re starting to figure it out. The moment you find your flame: it’s not like you’re there yet, but there’s a glimpse.”

Saller describes that glimpse as an “a-ha moment,” which is something he and his bandmates are feeling right now as they put out this new music.

“Creatively and artistically, I think that we have been having one since we were in the studio making this music,” Saller says. “I think that’s what inspired a lot of this, too.”

“A lot of the songs are very personal as far as feelings that we’ve all gone through in our lives and in our own emotions in our own heads,” he continues. “But as a band, we’ve all gone through the same things together, so it’s one of those things where that a-ha moment really is very current for us.”

The Moment You Find Your Flame is out now.

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