At least somebody is enjoying this snow

Who’s LOVING this snow?!

Hint: Definitely not me.

Yes, it’s my dog, Ghost. He is insane, but he’s in his element. Even tried to indulge him by taking him on a walk the other day. While I’m freezing my toes off, he’s so excited that he’s literally choking himself with his own leesh, trying to see the next snow pile.

What a weirdo.

I’m ready for springtime, and the Blaze Birthday Bash. We’re hooking it up with tickets and meet ‘n greets this week, so make sure to register.

104-1 The Blaze Birthday Bash



Frick yeah! TFW you find out your favorite band is coming to Lincoln There is STILL TIME to get to our Birthday Bash! Sparky’s Chaos Coffee Mugs OUT OF STOCK And my Valentine is… Which Barstool Open course are you playing?