If you ask pretty much any band about their new album, they’ll almost always tell you that they’re trying something new and exploring new territory. However, such is not the case for Asking Alexandria‘s latest effort, Where Do We Go from Here?

“We didn’t want to try anything new, we didn’t wanna explore anything,” vocalist Danny Worsnop tells ABC Audio. “We didn’t want this to be some artistic exploration or endeavor as much as we wanted it to be kind of a moment in time that acknowledges and tips its hat to everything that has been up until this point.”

Still, in an effort to combine all the sounds of their past, Asking Alexandria does fall into some newer styles, resulting in a roller-coaster ride of a listen.

“A lot of the newer work has a lot of dynamic in it; the first few albums, not really so much,” Worsnop says. “But … having the parts that are very influenced by those older works, and then the parts that are influenced by the newer work creates an even bigger dynamic contrast.”

Asking Alexandria will hit the road in support of Where Do We Go from Here? on the Psycho Thunder tour alongside The Hu, starting Wednesday, August 30, in San Antonio, Texas. Like the album, the tour’s set list will look back on Asking Alexandria’s whole discography, featuring the two biggest songs from each record, based on streaming numbers and past live reception.

“Then on top of that, ‘Alone in a Room,’ which is the biggest song we’ve ever done, and new single,” Worsnop explains. “So three songs off the new album, plus ‘Alone in a Room.’ Everything else, two songs.”

So, is this the Asking Alexandria Eras Tour?

“Yeah, basically we are Taylor Swift now,” Worsnop says.

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