Area Crews Kept Busy in Cold Temperatures Fighting Structure Fires

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 30)–Three fire calls in nearly a 24-hour period for Lincoln area firefighters have kept crews busy while enduring single-digit temperatures.

It was just after 2pm Sunday that area fire crews from Waverly, Eagle and Southeast Rural were called to a barn fire near 176th and “O” Street.  Crews didn’t leave that scene until about 10 o’clock Sunday night. Details, including the cause of that fire, are still under investigation.

As crews were leaving the scene, it was around the same time Sunday night that Lincoln Fire and Rescue got the call to a home near 29th and Vine, where flames were shooting out of the front side of the house. Two people and a dog were able to escape unharmed but another dog didn’t make it and died. About $250,000 damage was done and what caused the fire remains under investigation.

Around 1am Monday, LFR was called to a home off of 30th and “D” Street, where firefighters had to rescue one person from the roof, while two others and dog were able to get out safely. No one was hurt and around $30,000 damage was done.

Fire investigators say an improperly discarded cigarette is to blame for starting the fire.