LINCOLN–(KFOR/Nebraska Examiner Mar. 20)–Debate over one bill that’s been deemed anti-transgender will come up for debate in the Unicameral this week.

One of the bills up for debate Tuesday in the Nebraska Legislature will be LB 574, the bill from Omaha Senator Kathleen Kauth, which would prohibit performing procedures or referring patients to having procedures for genital or non-genital surgeries, use of puberty blockers or hormone therapies before the age of 19. Doctors who would be subject to civil penalties, if they were to violate the law under the bill.

The Nebraska Examiner is reporting that this past Friday, a minority statement was issued by Omaha senators Machaela Cavanaugh and Jen Day, who oppose the bill, saying among other things it does not reflect mainstream medical or scientific consensus.

LB 574 has been the primary reason for Senator Cavanaugh’s three-week filibuster, which was temporarily stopped last Thursday.