Unlikely as it may seem, Creed is having a moment, and they’re going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Frontman Scott Stapp is releasing his new solo album, Higher Power, on Friday, and he’s just launched a solo tour. Meanwhile, Creed recently got a shout-out from SZA and helped inspire the Texas Rangers’ 2023 World Series run. They were also featured in a Paramount+ Super Bowl commercial and have booked two Summer of ’99 fan cruises and a huge summer reunion tour, which will lead to a fall arena tour.

“So many positive things have already happened that are just mind-blowing, in terms of the level of Creed’s resurgence,” Stapp tells Billboard. He adds working with his bandmates to arrange all these activities have been “overwhelming, in a positive way,” explaining, “All our correspondence and all our interactions have been nothing but good vibes.”

“Everyone wants everybody else to win, and everyone’s excited about getting onstage again,” he says.

“We’re just gonna ride this wave and really appreciate it in a whole new way. Because you know, especially from my standpoint, I know what it’s like to have it — and I know what it’s like to lose it all,” Stapp points out, referring to his past substance abuse issues. 

“And so this go-around is just walking in complete appreciation, gratitude and respect, and just trying to cultivate and nurture relationships. Because you never know when it can be gone again.”

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