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Agency Parternships To Provide ID’s For Those Preparing To Leave Prison

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and the Department Of Motor Vehicles have expanded a project  that would give state identification cards to those about to be released from prison. After about a year,  NDCS has allowed those in their centers to go to the DMV after hours to obtain their IDs. Over 543 IDs  have been issued in the Lincoln and Omaha DMV as part of this process.

“State IDs are necessary for work release, job seeking, obtaining a bank account and securing housing,” said NDCS Director Scott R. Frakes. “There is not much that you can
do these days without that identification. Having it in hand, upon return to the community, is a huge advantage.” One such person was Brian Hassenplug was among those who received his ID at NSP. Scheduled for release in five months, he said that receiving a state ID was a meaningful sign that he was ready to move forward with his life. “This is one of the last things I have to worry about getting before I leave NSP. I appreciate the opportunity and effort the agency puts into reentry.”

The process utilized at the penitentiary will eventually be offered at other facilities. Once the program is up and running, representatives from the DMV will bring their mobile
licensing unit to secure facilities regularly to issue state IDs. Each identification card is paid for by the recipient. The focus has been on getting IDs for those who are Nebraska residents and soon the process will apply to those with out of state IDs.

For Martin McManaman, the effort to secure a state ID went much smoother at NSP than it did the first time he was released from prison. He said he made sure to sign up
this time, so he would not have the same challenge he did before. “I’m already a step ahead. It’s good to have this and it makes it easier to get the things I need. A lot of places require you to have an official ID to do anything.”


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