LINCOLN–(KFOR Aug. 10)–A scary situation in Waverly earlier today, where a licensed electrician was shocked by 7,200 volts while working on a transformer.

Chief Deputy Ben Houchin said 67-year-old Dale Schmader of West Point, was working on a transformer that he thought was safe to work on. Schmader’s arm accidentally touched the transformer causing the voltage to go through his knees and he was knocked to the ground unconscious for about 30 seconds.

Schmader was quickly helped thanks to a nearby city employee. He was transported via helicopter to CHI St. Elizabeth in Lincoln.

“He is very lucky,” Houchin said. “What we’re hearing on this, and through the investigation, is a lot of people that receive this kind of voltage shock do not make it.”

Houchin added that the transformer was eventually fixed following the incident.

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