3 Teens Caught After Vape Shop Break-ins

Lincoln, NE (September 29, 2021) Just after 2 a.m. today, police were called to Alohma Vapor at 8222 Holdrege Street.  A witness reported seeing three people break the door of the business and then run away.  When officers arrived, they found the front door glass broken, but did not believe entry had been gained to the store.

Shortly after, an officer was checking security at Lincoln Vapor at 6891 A Street and saw three people had broken into the store and were running away. The officer tried to stop the three, but they fled.

One, a 17-year-old male, was found hiding behind a dumpster carrying a duffle bag.  Inside the bag, officers located approximately $1,600 worth of vape products that had been stolen from Lincoln Vapor.  Officers located another 17-year-old male in the parking lot of McDonalds, 66th and O Street, sitting in the vehicle belonging to the 17-year-old already in custody.  Officers located a wrench, clothing, and backpack in the vehicle identified as being used in both burglaries. The third juvenile, a 16-year-old male, was contacted at his home.  Officers developed probable cause to refer all three juveniles for Burglary.