18 Months Sober!

So, I’m pretty excited because this last Monday, April 16th, I reached a year and a half completely sober. Even with as young as I am, I was on a very bad path in my life a couple of years ago and got myself into some trouble (I won’t go into details about that just now).

But on October 16th, 2016, I had my last drink. And I’m so happy that I gave it up and started to reflect on my life and the decisions I’ve made. I had plenty of nights that I didn’t remember, woke up late, and made some bad decisions.

I respect everyone else’s choices to decide whether they prefer to drink or not, but I’m very happy that I’ve made the decision to be sober. And who knows, maybe someday I will have a couple of drinks again, but I definitely do not want to get back to how I was before I made the decision to be sober. I couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t just have a couple of drinks with friends or at dinner. When I had drinks, I was getting drunk. And it wasn’t always at the appropriate times or places. I’ve had plenty of time to look back on those decisions, and I’m very glad I’ve chosen this route.

I thought going sober would be much more difficult than it has been as well. It was difficult for a while, but it has gotten so much easier over these 18 months. And I do miss the days of partying with my friends sometimes, but what I don’t miss is the hangovers, looking back on the bad decisions, and waking up covered in marker.

Alcohol is by far not the worst thing in the world, but it can be for someone who struggles with self control and discipline. And that was me. But that’s not me anymore. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this chapter of my life, and thanks to all of you who are reading this and listen in!

I couldn’t have done it without all of your support! I love you all!




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