Local Bandwidth

Luna hosts Local Bandwidth, Sunday nights at 7pm.

All Local – All Hour!

If you are in a local band playing original music, send us a CD (Local Bandwidth c/o KIBZ 3800 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68504) or high quality mp3 or wave files via email for a chance to be played on the show!

Contact Luna@kibz.com
Facebook: Local Bandwidth

Local Bandwidth March 19th

Faded Black – Straight Jacket
Freakabout – Yellow Light
Westside Proletariat – We Can See
Blood Rail – Trapped In A Nicholas Cage
A Summer Better Than Yours – Back Into Your Life
The Hanyaks – Lime Green World
Hookt – Give Me All Your Love
A Band Called Hemingway – First & Make Believe
DeadEchoes – Human Flesh Trophy
Ezra – Tantum Ergo
The Clincher – Shark Attack
Ideal Perception – Fourth and Forever

Local Bandwidth March 12th

Coldsweat – Apophis
Hookt – Bombs Away (March 18th at First Avenue)
Garfan – No Time
The Rewind – Heartbreak (March 15th Duffy’s)
Lost Crusader – Outta My Head
Paisty Jenny – Anything
A Summer Better Than Yours – Back Into Your Life (March 22nd, in Omaha)
Red Cities – Build It Up, Tear It Down
Sunleaf – Shine On
Evicted – Suffocate (March 17th in Columbus)
Rift – Eros
Willis? – Kitty


Local Bandwidth March 5th

Yardapes – Electric Sun
The Hanyaks – #nomophobia
The Rewind – Heartbreak
Hyperdose – Take Control
Deadechoes – Evilution
Garoted – With the Hammer
Laughing Falcon – Sonic Possession
Freakabout – Yellow Light
Alli & I – Can’t Say
A Band Called Hemingway – January
Evicted – Puppet Show
Faded Black – Believe in Me