E Rock with Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron serves up 2 hours of Christian Rock with heaps of inspiration every Sunday Morning at 8am!

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Playlist for March 19, 2017

8 a.m.
#8 Black Honey   Thrice
      tie Coming Clean   Attalus
#7 Wash Away   As We Ascend(formerly We As Human)
       tie Anchor Me   Decyfer Down
#6 Cold Winter Sun   Demon Hunter
     Balconies   Paper Route
#5 Pretty Little Phase   Hearts Like Lions
     Leave It All Behind   Last Day Rising
#4 heathens   Twenty One Pilots
     Mirror Mirror   Random Hero
#3 Erase   Disciple
     Way You Love Me   XXI
#2 Flickering Flame   Wolves at the Gate
9 a.m.
Sabotage   Project 86
Hunger Strike   Seventh Day Slumber
Fame   Glasslands feat. Ryan Kirby
Deathgrip   Fit for a King
The Change   Bread of Stone
Beneath The Skin   Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
Here, 2016   Sho Baraka feat. Lecrae
Lost In The Smoke   Scarlet White
I’ve Got The Power   Fireflight
I’m Not Laughing   Lacey Sturm
Feel Invincible   Skillet
Back From The Dead   Skillet
Mountaintop   Relient K
Still Breathing   Veridia
Tell Me Why   P.O.D.