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Dec 10, 2017

8 a.m.

#8 Sky is Falling   Seventh Day Slumber

Rot   Lacey Sturm

#7 Underneath   Zahna

Pull Me Through   Torndown

#6 Silence   Scarlet White

Legends   The Afters

#5 Tell Me   As We Ascend

Tell Me Why   Payable On Death

#4 Secret Weapon   Disciple

Bringing You Back to Life   Light45

#3 Raining Down   Demon Hunter

The Resistance   Skillet

#2 Asleep   Wolves at the Gate

Back to #1 Still Alive   RED

9 a.m.

NEW MUSIC From Billboard’s #1 Seller this week

Get Out of Your Own Way   U2

American Soul   U2

Evergreen   Switchfoot

Celebrate The Day   RelientK

Hurricane   THRICE

Graveyard of Identities   Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

Don’t Walk Away   Decyfer Down

Pretty Little Phase   Hearts Like Lions

Live Again   Torndown

Virus   Memphis May Fire

PRAY   King’s X

Whatever It Takes   Pillar

Parachute   Bread of Stone

heavydirtysoul   Twenty One Pilots

The Awakening   Red Jumpsuit Apparatus