Um, I'm kind of bad at this.

I started my radio career by accident in 2009 by being laid off. I was lucky enough that Three Eagles swooped down and picked me up, dusted me off, and made something of me.....well....kind of.

So, I've been a telemarketer, a government teacher (Yeah POLS 100 at UNL!!! Woot!), a loan processor, and a variety of assistants. Here at the stations, I originally started out selling for 106.3 KFRX.

I love a mix of music including The Counting Crows, Nirvana, Cake, The Fratelli's, Tupac, and Franz Ferdinand. I guess I got stuck in 1993 and never moved on. The CD I can't get enough of right now is Heaven is Whenever by The Hold Steady. Locally I really liked Good With Guns (but Craig got married) and I still rock out to Straigh Outta Junior High "Kiss of Deaf". the Vibenhai is pretty sweet, too. I'm not much for TV but I love a good book (read the Steig Larrson series - ITS GOOD!). And - Chasing Amy is the best movie ever made. I feel pretty strongly about that.

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