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High School Basketball Tournament Begins Thursday

Lincoln is gearing up for state basketball. Mayor Chris Beutler said those attending will see first-hand the continued development of the West Haymarket and other new improvements across the city. Last year's attendance was 141,000.

Bill Would Give Million Dollar Grants to Little-Known Attractions

A bill under review by a legislative committee could boost out-of-state tourism to some of Nebraska's best but little-known attractions. The measure by Sen. Adam Morfeld of Lincoln would offer $1 million dollar grants to four sites demonstrating the greatest potential to draw visitors to the state.

Car Seat Saves Baby in Fatal Crash

A driver has died in a midtown Omaha crash that also severely injured her adult passenger, but spared an infant strapped into a car seat. Witnesses tell police that a car illegally passed several other vehicles stopped at a red light, entered the intersection and hit another car.

Buffett Says Business is Good

Warren Buffett says his company delivered another strong year, with $19.9 billion in profits, and he believes Berkshire Hathaway will continue thriving thanks to its collection of "remarkable businesses" and investments.

Legislature Has Less Money than Expected

Nebraska lawmakers won't have quite as much money as expected for their priorities in this year's session. The Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board approved new revenue estimates Friday that would leave senators with $9.7 million less than predicted.

Bill Would Take Politics Out of Redistricting

Who would you rather have draw up legislative districts: Politicians or regular citizens? Two members of the legislature have introduced a bill to hand the job to citizens. Senators John Murante of Gretna and Heath Mello of Omaha proposed a nine member commission.

Senators Propose Election Reform Bills

The Legislature's government committee listened to election reform proposals today. One came from Lincoln Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, who wants to allow a request for an early or absentee ballot to be made online. Pansing Brooks said mail-in voting has increased voter turnout, and her on-line request bill would also.

State Supreme Court: Fake Name Not Felony Impersonation

In a split decision, the Nebraska Supreme Court has determined that simply giving police a made-up name does not constitute felony criminal impersonation. The ruling came in the case of 43-year-old James Covey, who was convicted last year of felony criminal impersonation and sentenced 10 to 14 years as a habitual criminal.

Frakes Confirmed as New Prisons Director

Lawmakers have confirmed Scott Frakes as the new director of Nebraska's embattled corrections department. Senators on Friday voted 41-0 for Frakes, a former deputy director in Washington state's prison system. Frakes was appointed by Gov. Pete Ricketts

Smoking Back in Cigar Bars

Smoking in cigar bars is legal again in Nebraska. Governor Ricketts has signed a bill giving cigar bars an exemption to the state's Clean Indoor Air Act. The Nebraska Supreme Court struck down a 2009 law last year which allowed smoking in cigar bars and shops.