E Rock

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E-Rock Playlist  10.5

8 am
#8 Say It Again   XXI
The Last Stand   I am Spartacus
#7 I Believe   KB feat. Mattie
One Foot In The Grave   Abandon Kansas

#7 Young Diaries   Ilia
Vicious Cycle   The Protest
#6 Safety   Fireflight with Stephen Christian of Anberlin
Not Alone   Random Hero

#4 Skeleton   Lovelike Violence
Porcelain   Bread of Stone
#3 This Goes Out To You   P.O.D.
Tell Me Why   P.O.D.

#2  It Was You   Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
TIE Yours Again   RED
#1 Stressed Out   Twenty One Pilots

9 am
NEW MUSIC Chasing Fears   Graceful Closure
                     Worthy   Scarlet White
The Less You Say   Emery
Stranger Way   Anberlin

Nails   Pillar
What Matters   Embers In Ashes
Love Changed Everything   Bread of Stone
Heavydirtysoul   Twenty One Pilots
Tear In My Heart   Twenty One Pilots
Love Wide Open   Manafest
Destruction of Kings   Devin Williams
Like A Machine   Thousand Foot Krutch

Angels & Demons   Disciple
Thread   Flyleaf
Dear Life   Remedy Drive